Save Net Neutrality

It’s about defending the Internet from a complete corporate takeover:

The fight for net neutrality is heating up. So far, more than 8.3 million comments have been filed regarding the FCC’s proposal to eliminate net neutrality regulations passed in 2015 that prohibit companies from restricting consumer internet access by blocking or slowing internet speeds and forcing consumers to pay more fast access to certain types of content.

The latest battle cry was heard Monday, when major tech advocacy group the Internet Association (IA) — which represents companies such as Google, Amazon and Facebook — filed 38-page comment urging the FCC not to go through with its proposal.

It’s about defending what belongs to all of us, not just big business:

In a filing to the FCC on Monday, the Internet Association argued that the regulations have helped the internet thrive.

“Since its inception, the internet has been governed by principles of openness and non-discrimination, and as a result, it has created unprecedented benefits for society and consumers,” the trade group wrote.

“Undoing or weakening the existing open internet rules will undermine these benefits, create uncertainty in the leading sector of our economy, and threaten the virtuous circle of broadband innovation.”

The Internet Association represents web giants like Facebook, Google, Microsoft and Amazon.

Net Neutrality Is a Life-or-Death Issue for Small Businesses

save net neutrality

Some company’s are already violating Net Neutrality:

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