Help Puerto Rico Recovery after Hurricane Maria


Puerto Rico has suffered a catastrophic event. They desperately need our help. These links below provide information on where to donate. There are several options for those of you who are concerned that your donations go to the right place.

To help victims of the Mexican and Puerto Rican disasters:
Donate to Operation Helping Hands, a partnership between United Way of Miami-Dade, the Miami Herald/el Nuevo Herald, Univision 23 and JCS Switchboard. Visit, call 1-800-226-3320 or send a check payable to Operation Helping Hands, c/o United Way of Miami-Dade, P.O. Box #459007, Miami, FL 33245-9007.

Source: Miami Herald



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Crime Does Not Pay, Except On Wall Street

The banks and Wall St. are still robbing the American people. Nothing less than political revolution will change that:

A decade has passed since the onset of the financial crisis, leading to the Great Recession, after major banks and investment firms built a Jenga tower of exceedingly complex transactions. These financiers, investors, and executives knew that the house …

Source: Crime Does Not Pay, Except On Wall Street

British arms sales to repressive regimes soar to £5bn since election

Campaigners claim that government is putting ‘exports to despots ahead of human rights’<p>UK arms manufacturers have exported almost £5bn worth of weapons to countries that are judged to have repressive regimes in the 22 months since the Conservative party won the last election.<p>The huge rise is … British arms sales to repressive regimes soar to £5bn since election – source:

Rand Paul and Kamala Harris Team Up to Reform Bail Practices

WASHINGTON — The last thing Ato Walker expected when he went out for a pre-birthday drive in 2014 was to have a traffic stop escalate into a physical encounter with police, then have his bail set at more than $165,000.<p>After his bail was reduced to $85,000, his mother used her retirement savings to … Rand Paul and Kamala Harris Team Up to Reform Bail Practices – source:

Texas cop urges Facebook followers to use ‘deadly force’ against anyone harming a Confederate statue

Writing on Facebook, a Texas cop and police police academy instructor explained to his followers that they can legally shoot and kill anti-racism …

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Dashcam catches unprovoked police officer attacking a man in Ohio

Ohio Police have released the footage of a Police Officer tackling and punching a 25-year-old man in an unprovoked attack.

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