Bernie Sanders not ruling out 2020 Presidential run

Well, of course, you lying, Bernie. That’s all you are doing–campaigning. There isn’t a week that passes where you are not visiting another city and/or appearing on some network. In fact, you recently visited Iowa. Supposedly you were there to promote a book. Sounds like something right out of the Clinton playbook. You’ve betrayed your wonderful supporters for selfish reasons. Instead of joining the 99 percent in the fight against the corrupt Democratic party you’ve chosen to seek their nomination. This despite the countless number of instances where they tried to sabotage your presidential candidacy last year.

You also want to be the nominee of a party you are not even a member of. That’s dumb. It’s an attempt to try and have it both ways. You want people to think you an independent when it fact you are very much an establishment Democrat.

If you were truly a revolutionary then you would join those many supporters who want you to form a third party. Otherwise you are a fraud.

We are moving on without you:

“I just have not made any decisions,” the former presidential hopeful said, adding: “I think it’s much too early.”

Why Bernie Sanders Isn’t Really Losing to Hillary Clinton

The more people learn about Bernie Sanders the more we like him. It is true Hillary Clinton has many more pledged delegates and is likely to be the Democratic Party nominee. But that doesn’t mean she is really beating Bernie. Let me explain.

The only reason Hillary Clinton is ahead in the delegate count has to do with her early victories. And those victories have everything to do with name recognition. In fact, 3/4 of the delegate advantage for Hillary come from primaries/caucauses occurring before March 2nd.

As the race has progressed Sanders has gotten only stronger. He lost more contests to Clinton early on (10 to 6). Through most of March Bernie progressed averaging 50% of the vote versus Hillary’s 48.1, winning 8 states versus 6. Since March 23rd Bernie has averaged 51.4% of the vote versus 46.6 for Clinton. And once against Sanders won more states.

That progress might be tempered by the fact that the entire news media has counted out Bernie Sanders. So we can expect that the vote percentage will be affected adversely for contests to come. Nonetheless, the trend is undeniable–As Sanders became better known his vote total improved accordingly. This phenomenon is furthered explained by the fact that Sanders beat or essentially tied Hillary in the first 2 primaries/causes. Since both candidates spent many months in Iowa and New Hampshire the vote total reflected that fact. The media/press has incorrectly has interpreted the success based on those states being largely white. As the theory goes, Sanders doesn’t appeal to African-Americans unlike Clinton. Some might try to dismiss these stats since later states don’t have as many African-Americans. If that were the case then the average for the second period (>3/1/2016 to <3/23/2016) would favor Hillary much  more than it did. Louisiana, Mississippi, and North Carolina have a large number African-American voters. And those primaries did not help Hillary who ended up losing to Sanders, during that time period, by 2 percentage points.

It would be a terrible mistake to deny Bernie Sanders the nomination based on early primary results that favored Clinton simply because she is better known. Clearly Democrats prefer Bernie Sanders to Hillary Clinton.

Dem convention host: Sanders supporters better ‘behave themselves’ when he loses

I think you have another thing coming if you think the Bernie Brigade will be silenced. Good luck with getting his supporters to fall in line in Philadelphia:

“I think it’s gonna be a great convention, but of course the key to it is the Sanders people. Bernie’s gonna have his name placed in nomination; we’re gonna have a roll call; there’s gonna be a demonstration in support of Bernie; he’s gonna lose the roll call,” he said. “His supporters have to behave and not cause trouble. And I think they will, and I think Sen. Sanders will send them a strong message.”

Only the Establishment Wants Bernie Sanders out of the Race

If Democratic voters want Bernie Sanders to stay in the running for the White House why should he step down:

A new NBC News/Survey Monkey online poll out Tuesday found 57 percent of national Democrats want Sanders to stay in the race through the Convention, while only 16 percent said they think he should drop out now.

The media elite/pundits keep arguing that if Hillary doesn’t get to wrap up the election before the convention that it would hurt her in the fall. Eventhough there is no evidence that a protracted nomination battles hurt the eventual nominee. Doesn’t that sound like the political/media establishment are in the tank for Hillary?

Besides Hillary might be assassinated before she is nominated:

Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton defended staying in the Democratic nominating contest on Friday by pointing out that her husband had not wrapped up the nomination until June 1992, adding, “We all remember Bobby Kennedy was assassinated in June in California.”

Or she could get indicted.

Julian Castro claims Bernie Sanders voted with Republicans to protect a hate group

Another Clinton smear:

Castro, a surrogate for the Clinton campaign, said: “Bernie Sanders voted with Republicans to protect the Minutemen, a hate group that used military tactics against our community.”

Sanders, then an Independent in the House, voted with 75 Democrats to restrict the U.S. from alerting Mexico to Minutemen operations on the border. However, we didn’t see any evidence that this since-weakened extremist group was designated a “hate group.”

On balance, we rate this claim as Half True.