Watch the BBC Documentary Exposing Trump’s History of Sexually Pursuing Teenage Women

Make sure to watch this BBC documentary (shown on the Panaroma program) that exposes Donald Trump’s history of harassing young women. It will be shown in the U.S. Sunday morning starting at 5:30am (so make sure to set your DVR). If you miss that  you can watch it at 5:30pm:

Donald Trump is an admitted sexual predator, philanderer, and all-around creep when it comes to women. With that in mind, we probably shouldn’t be all too shocked to learn of new allegations concerning his predatory behavior—this time from a new BBC documentary, uncreatively titled, Trump: Is The President a Sex Pest?

The documentary, which recently aired as part of the network’s investigative series Panorama and is being shown in the United States for the first time on Saturday, alleges that during the ‘80s and ‘90s, Trump hosted and attended a series of wild bacchanals featuring booze, coke, and young women—often teenagers—who “were there as consumables,” according to one male attendee who spoke with the program.

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