60% Of House Democrats Vote For A Defense Budget Even Bigger Than Trump’s

Are we shocked? Really? Because both parties represent the military-industrial-complex:

For the 2017 fiscal year that ends on September 30, the Obama budget called for $582.7 billion, which included a base budget of $523.9 billion and the “overseas contingency operations (OCO) budget” of $58.8 billion. The Trump administration wanted to add about $54 billion. As the Defense Department’s own budget numbers showed, it requested $574.5 billion in base budget and $64.6 billion in OCO for a total of $639.1 billion.

Ah, the pikers. Today, the House passed a $696.5 billion defense bill that makes Trump’s look positively reasonable in comparison.

There have been indications the House would insist on more spending than the White House did. The final vote by party is — or maybe it’s should be — surprising. A huge number of Democrats voted for the measure.

There are currently 240 Republicans and 194 Democrats in the body, with 1 vacancy. Out of the Republicans, 227 voted in favor and 8 voted against this bill, making 230, with 10 apparently missing in action. Of the 194 Democrats, 117 voted for the bill and 73 voted against, with 4 not voting. In other words, of the party that supposedly opposes rampant military spending and the Trump administration, 60% voted for this bill.

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