US general says North Korea military engagement would be ‘horrific’

Trump needs to listen to this general:

Pursuing a military solution rather than one based in diplomacy and economic measures would be, according to Dunford, “horrific.”

He further commented, “it would be a loss of life unlike any we have experienced in our lifetimes.”

It is unclear which path President Trump is, at this time, most in favor of following, but he has made it clear that he can no longer tolerate North Korea, notes CNN.

In late June, Trump said, “The era of strategic patience with the North Korean regime has failed. And, frankly, that patience is over.”

House Votes To Strip Bank & Credit Card Customers Of Constitutional Right To A Day In Court

Because the Sixth and Seventh Amendments of the U.S. Constitution are apparently less important than making sure that banks, credit card companies, student loan companies, and other financial services be allowed to behave badly with impunity, the House of Representatives has voted to overturn a new federal regulation that would have helped American consumers hold these companies accountable through the legal system.

In a largely party-line 231-190 vote this afternoon, the House passed a Congressional Review Act resolution that, if also adopted by the Senate and signed by the President, would overturn recently finalized rules from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

Source: House Votes To Strip Bank & Credit Card Customers Of Constitutional Right To A Day In Court – Consumerist

‘A Better Deal’ is more of the same from Democrats (Opinion, CNN)

Hillary scowl

Do we want more of the same? Or do we create our own party? The choice is clear. Because there is not much choice between Dems and Republicans. They are both screwing us over:

Democrats would like voters to believe the party’s slogan for its new economic agenda rolled out Monday, “A Better Deal,” describes a program aimed at fighting for regular people — even though it mostly rings like a sales pitch for a discounted item at a shopping mall. Worse, the specifics of the strategy are a path to more electoral failure, because “A Better Deal” embraces falsehoods about economic power while leaving a bankrupt system unchallenged.

More Americans want Trump Impeached than Support Trumpcare

There should be sirens going off in Republican offices all over Capitol Hill this week over the fact that the Senate will be voting as soon as Tuesday on a secret health care bill that remains a mystery, hasn’t been fully analyzed by either the Congressional Budget Office or the Senate Parliamentarian, has had no hearings, terrifies the health insurance industry as well as the nation’s physicians, and is supported by just 13 percent of the public. Seriously, 13 percent.

That bill is less popular than the so-far hypothetical impeachment of popular vote loser Donald Trump—the very guy they’ll be passing this disastrous health care repeal bill for.

Source: More Americans want Trump impeached than support Trumpcare