Most presidents rely on expertise. Trump treats experts like the enemy.

Remember?: “I know more than the generals“:

President Trump’s policy agenda is in trouble. After nearly seven months of intramural fighting and several dramatic reversals, the Republican effort to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act died in the Senate. By the end of last week, even the most stalwart opponents of Obamacare seemed ready to move on.

At the center of the Trump White House’s difficulties has been its own inexperience with the complex web of statutes, organizations and procedures that constitute contemporary American government. Trump’s aversion to the details of dealmaking means that even if congressional Republicans manage to pass a plan to repeal, replace, repair or revise Obamacare, it will be despite — not because of — help from the presidency.

NRA TV hosts warn ‘white families’ will be ‘tortured and killed’ if Black Lives Matter succeeds

The NRA leadership (not the members) are a grave threat our nation. They arm the criminals, terrorists, and violent white supremacists. They are a far greater threat than Black Lives Matter could ever be. And BLM is a response to rampant police brutality in America:

Grant Stinchfield, a host at the NRA’s online television network, made more incendiary comments about Black Lives Matter activists allegedly stoking “racial hatred” against white people.

Holton did not cite any specific sources for his information that white people in South Africa are allegedly being slaughtered on a mass scale, but he continued to insist that it would happen in the United States if the Black Lives Matter movement succeeded.