DNC’s Perez covered debt of rival-turned-supporter after chairmanship race

This is a corrupt bargain. But would we expect anything less from the DNC?

Democratic National Committee Chairman Tom Perez transferred $22,270 to key backer Jaime Harrison in March, a month after Harrison dropped out of the race for DNC chair and threw his support to Perez two days ahead of the vote.

The contribution from Perez’s campaign committee, which was disclosed in an IRS filing by Harrison’s campaign, wiped out the debt Harrison had accrued in the race to lead the DNC. He was said to have had the third-highest number of supporters when he dropped out of the race and endorsed Perez, who went on to win the chairmanship by a 35-vote margin out of 435.

Former DNC Chair Donna Brazile Cashes in After Cheating Scandal

That’s what government service means in Washington: a great way to line their pockets:

Former DNC Vice Chair and Interim Chair Donna Brazile plans to publish a book about her experiences at the DNC while the organization grappled with leaked emails released by Wikileaks. The book is called Hacks: The Inside Story of the Break-ins and Breakdowns that Put Donald Trump in the White House, a title that seeks to avoid responsibility for anointing Hillary Clinton as the Democratic presidential nominee and cheating to do so. CNN severed ties with Brazile after Wikileaks released emails from Clinton Campaign Chair John Podesta revealing that Brazile tipped off the Clinton campaign to questions before CNN debates. Brazile also informed Clinton’s team about a social media campaign that Bernie Sanders was engaged in during the primaries.

Poll: Clinton more unpopular than Trump

I’m sure she blames the Russians for this too, 7 months after the election. And Clinton still has illusions of running again:

President Trump is viewed more favorably than his 2016 presidential rival Hillary Clinton, according to a new poll.

A Bloomberg News survey finds Clinton is viewed favorably by just 39 percent of Americans, compared to Trump, who is viewed favorably by 41 percent of Americans.

Fifty-eight percent of Americans have an unfavorable view of Clinton, compared to a slightly lower majority — 55 percent — who have an unfavorable view of Trump.

Consumer Confidence has Dropped under Donald Trump

The public doesn’t think that Trump’s handling of the economy is all that ‘great.’ Americans are catching on to the fraud currently occupying the White House (this from June):

According to the University of Michigan survey, Democrats are worried about what President Trump is trying to do and Republicans are frustrated that he can’t get it done.

The confidence index is now at 94.5. Before the election, it was 87.2. By January, when he was inaugurated, it had shot up to 98.5, the highest level in more than a decade.

That was largely because of hopes that Trump would cut taxes, spend big on infrastructure and shed government regulations. Those hopes are now dimming a bit.