The Obama Foundation is Accepting Millions in Corporate Donations, Even Though the President Spent Years Criticizing Them

He wants to get some of the dirty Clinton-type cash:

Former President Barack Obama once called Wall Street bankers “fat cats.” Now his organization is accepting donations from them.

A list released Friday by the Obama Foundation, a nonprofit currently working on the presidential library ahead of its debut in Chicago in 2021, detailed recent contributors to the project. Some big names are among them, like John Doerr, who is a venture capitalist; Reid Hoffman, who founded LinkedIn; and Tom Campion, who cofounded Zumiez. Also included are the Microsoft Corporation and Exelon.

Donald Trump Approval Rating at 70-year low

Donald Trump’s approval rating has plunged in a national poll, published on Sunday, that charts Americans’ perceptions of a stalling domestic policy agenda and declining leadership on the world stage.

The Washington Post/ABC News poll, which put Trump’s six-month approval rating at a historic 70-year low, came amid mounting controversy over Russian interference in the 2016 election.

…no president has suffered such low ratings at this early stage in their tenure since such polling began in 1945.

Source: Donald Trump approval rating at 70-year low as Russia scandal swirls