Impeach Trump! ‘National Day of Protest’ Rally (7-15-17)

More than 3,000 people are expected to gather in New York City on Saturday for an Impeach Trump! National Day of Protest. Protesters will gather outside Trump Tower for the event, which is organized by Refuse Fascism.

The rather optimistic title – the event was initially called the Trump Impeachment Party – came to be because it was created “with the mindset that Trump would be impeached within a matter of weeks since his election”, said organiser Mohammad Hamad, adding that he and others would try to turn the march into something broader in the coming months.

“We’ll continue to fight the Trump-Pence regime because they’ve already made their agenda clear and it will have a generational impact on Americans (and the world) if they get away with it,” Hamad said.

Source: The Resistance Now: a healthy dose of reality | US news | The Guardian

Why Net Neutrality Is a Working-Class Issue

You might have noticed your browsing experience was interrupted by a call-to-action on Wednesday, July 12. Amazon, Netflix, Etsy, OKCupid and hundreds of other sites covered their loading pages with banners and images asking you to save the internet. Millions of us joined together to protest the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), heeding the call from grassroots activists across all corners of the web.

Led by President Donald Trump appointee Ajit Pai, the FCC is working to roll back rules that ensure the free and open flow of information on the internet. The body is attempting to undo the partial classification of the internet as a utility (meaning something every person has the right to have), and to massively expand the rights of Big Cable to lie about speeds and other services in order to make huge profits. These efforts pose a threat to net neutrality, the principle at the foundation of the internet that internet service providers treat all traffic equally. Net neutrality supports the open and free flow of information—without discrimination and without favoring content or services.

Make no mistake: Net neutrality is one of the defining workers’ rights and civil rights issue of our time. We all know the internet is driving changes in culture, politics and the economy. It is also one of the key spaces where workers can organize—and where mass movements for racial and economic justice blossom and build power.

Source: Why Net Neutrality Is a Working-Class Issue – Working In These Times

Women’s March Protests at NRA Ahead of 17-Mile Trek to DOJ

In the sweltering heat, hundreds gathered in front of the National Rifle Association on Friday to tell the gun lobby “no more”.

“I’m here to say to you to those across the street, ‘we’re not trying to take your guns away’. We’re saying, ‘don’t use them against people who are standing up even for your life,’” Tamika Mallory, co-president of the Women’s March said.

Mallory, Linda Sarsour, and other organizers of the Women’s March rallied in front of the NRA before starting a 17-mile march to the Department of Justice. The march comes after officer Jeronimo Yanez was acquitted of manslaughter charges in the shooting death of Philando Castile.

Source: Women’s March Protests at NRA Ahead of 17-Mile Trek to DOJ – NBC News