Bernie Sanders not ruling out 2020 Presidential run

Well, of course, you lying, Bernie. That’s all you are doing–campaigning. There isn’t a week that passes where you are not visiting another city and/or appearing on some network. In fact, you recently visited Iowa. Supposedly you were there to promote a book. Sounds like something right out of the Clinton playbook. You’ve betrayed your wonderful supporters for selfish reasons. Instead of joining the 99 percent in the fight against the corrupt Democratic party you’ve chosen to seek their nomination. This despite the countless number of instances where they tried to sabotage your presidential candidacy last year.

You also want to be the nominee of a party you are not even a member of. That’s dumb. It’s an attempt to try and have it both ways. You want people to think you an independent when it fact you are very much an establishment Democrat.

If you were truly a revolutionary then you would join those many supporters who want you to form a third party. Otherwise you are a fraud.

We are moving on without you:

“I just have not made any decisions,” the former presidential hopeful said, adding: “I think it’s much too early.”

Bakersfield Police launch internal investigation into police brutality claims

Of coarse I would love to see that our police department would take into account, especially with internal affairs, with seeing that this case as something that is alarming to our community. that they would look into this into a lot more details than …

Source: Bakersfield Police launch internal investigation into police brutality claims