Chris Hayes Shows his Loyalty to Hillary Clinton

MSNBC has become the pro-Democratic Party establishment channel just like FOX is a propaganda arm of the Republicans. Here we have another example. In this case Hayes is interviewing documentary filmmaker Michael Moore, who is a Bernie Sanders supporter. Hayes feels a need to defend Obama and Hillary Clinton at every opportunity:

HAYES: At the same time, I also sometimes wonder if we get suckered into
paying the
most attention, the squeaky wheel gets the grease, and there`s a lot of
Americans – President Obama approval rating is at an all-time high, 55
percent Democrats had voted for Hillary Clinton who is running the sort of
embrace that legacy. The press is missing the folks who feel like actually
things are going in a good direction.

MOORE: I don`t think that`s true. In fact, I think – you see, here`s the
problem is that the depression that takes place from people who have
suffered through this time, through these last couple of decades, it`s
harder and harder for them to say why bother? Why get up and go and vote?
Because these are just politicians.

Young people don`t like phony. They don`t like fake. And they have a good
sniffer for BS. And this is going to be Hillary`s problem to get young
people out to vote, because they sense something is not real here. And for
people of my generation…

HAYES: I think that`s over determined, let me just say.

MOORE: What does that mean over determined?

HAYES: I mean that I think that is people`s sense of her authenticity or
not cannot be divorced
from the way in which she`s been portrayed for decades.

MOORE: Well, she`s been abused for decades. But I think there`s a real
problem here, it shouldn`t be ignored. And I think – well, let`s see what
Rachel has to say about this. Rachel, are you here?

HAYES: Nice throw, Michael. Documentary filmmaker Michael Moore, whose
latest film Where to Invade Next is available on Blu-Ray tomorrow, a
fascinating see and fasinatingly executed. Thanks so much for your time

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