If Democratic voters want Bernie Sanders to stay in the running for the White House why should he step down:

A new NBC News/Survey Monkey online poll out Tuesday found 57 percent of national Democrats want Sanders to stay in the race through the Convention, while only 16 percent said they think he should drop out now.

The media elite/pundits keep arguing that if Hillary doesn’t get to wrap up the election before the convention that it would hurt her in the fall. Eventhough there is no evidence that a protracted nomination battles hurt the eventual nominee. Doesn’t that sound like the political/media establishment are in the tank for Hillary?

Besides Hillary might be assassinated before she is nominated:

Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton defended staying in the Democratic nominating contest on Friday by pointing out that her husband had not wrapped up the nomination until June 1992, adding, “We all remember Bobby Kennedy was assassinated in June in California.”

Or she could get indicted.

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