Bernie Sanders is by far the Strongest Presidential Candidate


Why would Sanders win the general election:

  1. The latest national poll shows Bernie Sanders is tied (within the margin of difference) with Hillary Clinton. There have been several polls lately that show the Vermont senator tied with the ex-Secretary of State. Think about it, the well known Democrat and one of the most famous people in the World is tied with little known Sanders.
  2. Sanders has raised more money than Clinton. And he can continue to raise money with no problem. Hillary is having trouble raising funds.
  3. Polls consistently show Sanders beating Donald Trump and Ted Cruz in the general election.
  4. Sanders is a true independent. That means in the general election he would easily win that sector of the electorate.
  5. Bernie has a net positive approval rating. Trump, Cruz, and Clinton have terrible approval ratings. Candidates with negative approval do not win the White House. The American people don’t like Trump, Cruz, or Hillary.
  6. Republican voters will not be united in the Fall. If Trump wins the nomination there will be a third party which will split the GOP vote. If someone else gets the nomination many Republicans will stay home. They won’t vote for the despised Hillary.
  7. If Clinton is nominated there is a possibility she will be indicted for her criminal actions surrounding emailgate.
  8. Sanders support is unparalleled and growing by leaps and bounds. And not just young voters. Support from the African-American community is growing and will continue to grow in the general election. The Vermont Senator has been a civil-rights activist from over 40 years.
  9. The mainstream media has been largely to blame for Sanders not having better results in the primaries. But despite that Bernie is getting his superior message out.