Julian Castro claims Bernie Sanders voted with Republicans to protect a hate group

Another Clinton smear:

Castro, a surrogate for the Clinton campaign, said: “Bernie Sanders voted with Republicans to protect the Minutemen, a hate group that used military tactics against our community.”

Sanders, then an Independent in the House, voted with 75 Democrats to restrict the U.S. from alerting Mexico to Minutemen operations on the border. However, we didn’t see any evidence that this since-weakened extremist group was designated a “hate group.”

On balance, we rate this claim as Half True.

Bernie Sanders – Do Not Endorse Hillary Clinton. You will be Betraying us.

Hillary Clinton, and her thugs, did everything dishonest and corrupt to try and destroy the candidacy of Bernie Sanders. His supporters are united in their belief that #SlickHillary is and enemy of their movement. Therefore, it would be foolish and a betrayal to endorse Clinton if she wins the nomination. She, and this Democratic Party, are corrupt. Hillary is not the lesser of two evils. She is just as bad as Trump or Cruz.

Bernie, we love you. But if you support or endorse Hillary Clinton you are betraying us. We will not compromise or be bought off.

But don’t listen to me. Listen to a true enemy of the corrupt two-party system–Ralph Nader. He thinks it’s a bad deal to bother trying to get the Democratic Party to change for the better at the convention:

Sanders will not get far on the platform, much less tying any words on reform to promises by Hillary Clinton to send implementing legislation to Congress. The Clintonites will try to assuage Sanders with a prime-time speech to the Convention. Do you remember any former prime time speeches?

Thus, the Sanders movement is confronted with utter dissipation and disappointment at the Convention, where the victorious vanquish the runner-ups with arms locked and hands raised high on the convention stage. Following this display of party unity, the vanquished are expected to retire to the shadows and take their orders for forthcoming full-throated campaigning for the nominee.