Bernie Sanders Must not Endorse Hillary Clinton

Hopefully it won’t to come to that. Let’s continue to fight to ensure that Bernie Sanders wins. But if Hillary does win/steal the nomination Bernie Sanders cannot endorse her. It would be a betrayal of everything he and his supporters stand for. The Vermont Senator is running a necessary/moral campaign to put to end a system that Clinton is an embodiment of.

We can’t expect Sanders to say so now since he has a shot at winning. Nevertheless, Bernie supporters must make it clear that we won’t accept her. The Clinton campaign is already looking past Sanders and looking ahead to the general election. And there is a organized effort to convince Bernie supporters to support Hillary. Don’t fall for it. Don’t sell out.

The revolutionary effort ushered in by Sanders is bigger than one man. We will move on if necessary. But standing by and watching either Trump or Clinton take over the presidency would be disastrous. The best solution is for Sanders to run as an independent/third-party candidate in the Fall. If Bernie chooses not to do so it would be his decision. Even if it is  a big mistake. The Senator would have a great chance at winning the White House if he did. What would not be acceptable is for him to endorse the enemy of the 99 percent–Hillary Clinton.