Another Terror Act not Prevented by the NSA

So while The FBI tries to strong arm Apple into giving them intrusive access to their iphones, after failing to prevent the San Bernardino terror act, another incident occurred in Belgium. So that begs the question: what has all this massive spying done to prevent terrorism? I suppose they can reassure themselves by arguing that nothing like 9/11 has happened again on American soil–yet. And they’ll probably also claim that Edward Snowden’s revelations helped to tip-off the terrorists. That would be a convenient argument. There is as much evidence of that as there is proof that the NSA spying program has made us any safer. As it relates to Europe it’s been totally useless.

One might argue that the real goal of the government is controlling Americans. The FBI is now claiming that they don’t need Apple’s hope in breaking into that iphone. That sounds too convenient. It’s more like they got their noses bloodied after using heavy-handed tactics against Apple.They were outed by Edward Snowden who called the U.S. law enforcement agencies claims–“bull.”

So which is it? Is the USA government that inept in preventing terrorism or is it more interested in maintaining a police state.

Politifact: Hillary Clinton claim her campaign ‘depends on small donations for the majority of our support’ is “mostly false”

Clinton said, “Our campaign depends on small donations for the majority of our support.”

The campaign’s best evidence for this isn’t independently verifiable. Otherwise, Clinton is wrong — small donors accounted for only 17 percent of the dollar amount her campaign has collected from individuals through Jan. 31, and 19 percent of the dollar amount collected through Feb. 29.

We rate statement Mostly False.

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