Bernie Sanders Must Run as an Independent if not Nominated

The possibility of either Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton as President of the United States is a frightening thought. And many of us support Bernie Sanders because he offers hope for the future. But from the beginning the odds were stacked against the Vermont Senator. Here we have a socialist who is a registered independent trying to win the nomination of a party that is essentially a tool of big business. And his opponent for the nomination is owned by Wall St. As I write this,  votes are coming in from Florida, Illinois, and Ohio. The odds continue to grow against the possibility of Sanders winning the Democratic Party nomination. And if Bernie doesn’t win what happens then? We–the 99%–are left with being spectators in the general election. Do you want to just standby and watch your country turned over to a lying, cheating, corrupt, war-wongering politician.

There is something we can do. Let’s get Bernie Sanders to run as an independent Presidential candidate. I know he’s already said he won’t do it because he doesn’t want to give the election to the Republicans. Here are some reasons why he should reconsider:

  1. This election year is different from all those in the past. There is a very strong chance that a third party or independent candidate can win the Presidency. In 1992, Ross Perot ran a strong campaign. Bernie Sanders in 2016 would be even stronger.
  2. The American people don’t want either Trump or Hillary. Both candidates are viewed very negatively by the voters. Only Sanders has a positive rating. Historically candidates with negative ratings do not win the White House.
  3. Polls consistently show Bernie Sanders beating any Republican candidate, including Donald Trump, by large margins.
  4. The Trump and Sanders “phenomena” proves American voters are no longer loyal to the Democratic and Republican parties. The Vermont Senator would win independent voters–which is essential to winning a general election. In addition, many Bernie voters will not vote for Hillary Clinton no matter what. Similarly, a large number of Republicans will not vote for Donald Trump. Many of them would vote Bernie Sanders or stay home. And even if Donald Trump cannot win the nomination his voters would be outraged if a brokered convention nominated someone else. Those voters would look elsewhere or stay home. Very few Trump or Republican voters would turn to Hillary Clinton. In fact, they would prefer to see Bernie Sanders in the White House than the ex-Secretary of State.
  5. What if Hillary Clinton is indicted before election day? Voters would not vote for  another President Clinton who is impeached. Or she could be forced to step down.

It makes all the sense in the World. Sanders would be an ideal third party candidate. After all, Bernie has been an independent for most of his political career. This is the right time and the right election. Bernie must run. He is the only hope we have in 2016. And let’s not take no for an answer. We must start now to spread the word and build a momentum that will carry Sanders to run for the White House in the Fall. Bernie or Bust!