The Press is to Blame for the Violence at Trump Rallies

Already we have seen the same videos from last night’s confrontation in Chicago hundreds of times. And as we are shown the violence over and over again pundits on CNN and MSNBC are decrying the lack of civility on the part of the people involved. Is that not hypocrisy? Of course. But the press operates under different rules. Just like Trump.

For weeks we have witnessed the beating up of mostly African-Americans at Trump events with very little outrage. What is the response of the networks–more Trump coverage. So now a racist candidate who openly calls for banning Muslims from the country is allowed to give a 30 minute speech with no interruption. He’s allowed to spew his hate speech without given other candidates the same amount time. And when Trump is interviewed he cuts off the “reporter” and refuses to answer  questions. On one occasion the real estate magnate went on and on about his properties and how great he is. That was too much for some in the press. Finally, there was shame shown. But then they went back to saturation coverage of Donald Trump.

Trump calls for violence at his events. If protesters refuse to be intimidated and show up in large numbers they won’t be intimidated. And whose to blame if they defend themselves. There is a simple solution. The press should stop pandering to Trump and demand he answer questions. No more rambling monologues live for 30 minutes.

Start acting like the press you claim to be. Remember: there would be Trump without the media feeding his megalomania.

Protestors to Hillary Clinton: ‘You Are a Corporatist’

An angry group of people assembled in front of Trump Towers to demand Hillary Clinton release the transcripts of her speeches to Wall Street fat cats. “You, Hillary Clinton, are not even a Democrat,” screamed a supporter of Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders. “You are a corporatist.” “Either release the transcript or get your ass out of the race,” she added.

Source: Protestors to Hillary Clinton: ‘You Are a Corporatist’ | Truth Revolt