Boycott Donald Trump!


Donald Trump is a media creation. The press has always loved the NY billionaire. He’s good for ratings and selling newspapers. Now they are allowing him spew his fascist, racist views for profit as he runs for president. We, the 99 percent, have to say enough is enough.

Let’s vow from this day forth that we will boycott any media sponsor that allows Trump to go unchallenged when he appears on any network. And while we are at it, let’s boycott those advertisers/sponsors of news outlets that are unfair to Bernie Sanders and give Hillary Clinton a free ride.

We can start by going after Rachel Maddow and Chuck Todd whom for their outrageous comment accusing Bernie Sanders not trying to win the nomination. Both of these sellouts work for MSNBC.

Press Misses Point about Hillary Clinton’s Shift to the Left

It’s a well known fact often mentioned by political pundits: politicians run as far right or far left in the primary and then shift in the general to appeal to the center and Independents. We’ve seen it before by the Clintons. It’s called triangulation (the brain child of Dick Morris). Bill and Hillary literally have taken on Republican views in order to win. They have no scruples. And the fawning establishment press just ignores their duplicity. Remember DADT, DOMA, NAFTA, the dramatic rise of incarceration of African-Americans, welfare reform, etc. These were all Republican ideas that Bill and Hillary embraced.

Don’t be fooled any longer. Hillary will drop all progressive mouthings. Remember: she called herself a “moderate” not too long ago. It was just before Bernie Sanders entered the presidential race. Then all of a sudden she starting criticizing Wall St. The same people who fund her campaigns.


Domestic Workers Rally for Overtime Pay Protections

Despite a steady downpour of rain, a group of domestic workers and their supporters gathered at the 24th Street Bart Plaza this morning, carrying posters that called for dignity and economic justice throughout the industry. With music, dance and testimonials, the group of men and women announced the launch of a statewide campaign to make overtime pay for domestic workers a permanent protection in California.

Source: Domestic Workers Rally for Overtime Pay Protections » MissionLocal