Bernie or Bust pledge is the ‘miracle’ Senator Sanders needs to secure Party nomination

No matter what happens lets vow to continue the movement to return America to the 99%. We should not base our future on 1 election or 1 candidate.

Revolt Against Plutocracy

Plutocracy Plutocracy

PLUTOCRACY: A plutocracy is a country or society governed by the wealthy few.

To prevail in the Democratic primaries, Senator Sanders needs to have at least one million, dedicated supporters take the Bernie or Bust pledge to either write in Bernie Sanders or vote Green in the general election. Skeptics are right to ask, “why?” Please read at least down to “A melodramatic analogy.”

Chris Hedges, a prominent left-wing voice, has said that Sanders “has agreed that he will endorse the [Party nominee], which, unless there is some miracle, will probably be Hillary Clinton.” [emphasis added] Noam Chomsky, perhaps the best known left-wing commentator has said, “I am glad that he’s [running for President,] “But the chances of [Senator Sanders] winning at the primary, or even at the national level, are virtually nil in our system, which is not a democracy…

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