Ralph Nader: Let’s Build a Progressive Movement

This is what I’m trying to do with “The 99 Percenters” movement. So I humbly offer the name mentioned above. Whatever we call it–let’s start now. No matter what happens in 2016 elections. A progressive movement is more than just 1 candidate or election. Even if Bernie wins the White House we still need to takeover the Congress and state legislatures/governorships:

The energetic Sanders supporters, including the Millennials who voted so heavily for Bernie, could form a New Progressive movement to exercise a policy pull on the establishment Democrats before November and to be a growing magnet after November with the objective of taking over the Democratic Party starting with winning local elections. This will have long-term benefits for our country.

Donald Trump Jr. stumbles out of father’s shadow and into the spotlight with white nationalist interview

While Donald Trump has defied expectations to become the GOP favorite, his son has overcome his own hurdles to enter politics, including an admitted drinking problem, an aversion to publicity and spats with his father.

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