Facebook post: If Hillary wins by Super Delegates

Great commentary. Hope you join the 99 movement:

This is where we are. The American public was PISSED going into this election. In response, the DNC and Establishment Dems have lied, colluded and cheated in every way possible to assure The Hill is the Dem candidate. They’ve all smeared and discredited and tried to minimize an honorable man who simply believes in Democracy (remember? “Of the People, by the People”) and in truth telling.

They’ve done this in conspiracy with the media and all the special interests and big money who are now, and have been since Bill Clinton left office, effectively running our country.

Why? Pretty simple: most of our elected officials, through the auspices of these groups, have now become members of the .01%. When Bill went into office, the “standard” was that congressionals had difficulty living in DC due to high cost of living. Not so now. That didn’t happen by them “not being influenced by large donors.”

Nor did things like the KXL, bomb trains, rampant pollution, a 60% increase in incarceration for essentially petty crimes, the loss of the middle class, the boot heel on the neck of minority communities, the militarization of police departments which aligned with rampant racism, Wall Streets ongoing and unscrupulous gambling, the tax payers (the state) now being legislatively responsible for their actions, voter suppression, the upsurgence of Jim Crow laws, and a system that does not, in any way, represent “We, the people.”

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